Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Safe and Sound in Pollok - End of Day 5

Ahh... and relax, we are safely thru Glasgow and out the other side. Mike and Steve are feeling pretty sore but are glad to be on board and in one piece.

Relatively speaking they are in good nick... Mike is suffering with ACS in his right leg and is currently soaking his feet in a bucket as light relief. Steve has managed to get thru the day and hasn't encountered any further blisters and is looking forward to some new rubber (trainers)tomorrow.

As they say tomorrow is another day and it's onwards to Moffat and a great overnight stop at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

More from ULTRArace on the road in the morning and we will be back on-line first thing.


  1. Absolutely brilliant guys...another day ticked off and 58 more miles under your belts...keep it up...everyone down here at 9Bar HQ is rooting for you!

  2. Well done today both of you! Fab news to hear your back safely, good job you've got Rory and Jen looking out for you both! Hope you all rest well tonight and tomorrow is a tad cooler for you!

    Jean sends her love to steve and say's well done so far!

    Love to all x