Sunday, 24 April 2011

42.9 miles - only 10.8 to go

Micky and Steve came thru at 17:35hrs and Steve summed his 2011 race up so far by saying, 'This time last year, I was buggered'...' This year I feel fine'. So that's great news to hear and it looks like his sticks have really helped him out. As has getting pictures of his little daughter Connie (the cutest baby ever) via his phone from home.

We were staring to wonder whether today was going to kill off all who remained in the race.

Mike is still strong and has a long way to go still and has a few more war wounds on his feet than when he started. His foot blister fountain at CP 3 in Fort Augustus was most amusing... he did however just get his shoe back on and carry on as if nothing was worrying him. He's bloody tough!

Spean Bridge awaits after a five mile uphill section which will test the last bits of strength left in their tired old legs on this Easter Sunday.

More from the finish when we get there.


  1. Well done Steve, and you are looking mighty fine too! Angela sends her love and support too and says to tell you she hasn't got a laptop till next week due to changing jobs, but we are keeping her updated and all cheering you on.
    Lots love,
    Mum and Pops

  2. Well Done Steve....although I think your crazy, I am hooked to this blog....I have been visiting connie (who IS the cutest baby ever) and Berk today, eating hot cross buns!!!
    Good luck!!!
    Spud x