Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Inverbeg - 32.4 miles in - Day 5

We stopped to do a bit of work and make a few calls and it has turned into a bit of an impromptu pitstop as we heard Mike pull up the shutters of the trailer which made us jump out of our skins!

Mike stopped fleetingly before heading off into the 21 degrees heat. He asked if he could have steamed white fish for dinner - I think he may be slightly disappointed when he finds out it's spag bol but Steve got in his request earlier this morning...!

Rory went to meet Steve a mile down the road and walked back to the trailer with him. He was feeling a bit hot and bothered but is refreshed after a makeshift shower - Rory poured the water canister over his head. Right off to the next CP 4-5 miles up the road...

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