Sunday, 1 May 2011

It’s all over for Mike and the 9bar JOGLE Ultra 2011

With more than five miles left to cover at 11.51pm on the 9th day of ‘The 9bar JOGLE Ultra’, it was time to call it a day on the 61.1 mile stage from Garstang to Tarporley. From the last checkpoint, Mike had slowed to 25 minute miles and would have had a further 2 hours+ to finish.

We are all really gutted for him as he has put in a super-human effort these past few days on minimal sleep to keep to the daily schedule…

In total, he managed a whopping 520 miles in 9 days and is one of the toughest athletes we have ever seen in our events.

Congratulations to Mike for getting the furthest, this year.

All it leaves is for us to say ‘Goodnight’ to everyone from Tarporley and a massive well done to all of the athletes this year - Ben, Graham, Ed, Torkel, Micky, Steve and Mike - who had the courage to take on this year’s 9bar JOGLE Ultra.

Thanks to all of you for your support - see you same time same place next year…

We already have 6 signed up for 2012 so if you are keen to take part please contact us.

Rory and Jen
The ULTRArace Team