Sunday, 24 April 2011

Going backwards in Inverness - They are alive!

After running for three hours our lead pair of Mike and Torkel have covered -0.3 miles! Yes, they have 55.0 miles left to cover on this 54.7 mile day... having covered 13 miles getting here. Get it?

Yikes, that gives them a 67.7 mile total today with the most climb of the whole event at over 1750 metres. That will surely be a test of their endurance.

Funnily enough, Torkel did say that he thought it was strange seeing the 'Welcome to Inverness' sign but just carried on, luckily he and Mike managed to get back on to the A82 just as we found them.

And deep breath and relax... that's us not them as we get worried if we dont pass them going from CP to CP you see.

More from the 20 mile point.

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