Thursday, 28 April 2011

Checkpoint 4 - Tick

It really is boiling today - it's gone 5:30pm and it's still 17 degrees... some of the roads, particularly the A7 leading into Carlisle, are very busy so the mixture of heat and fumes is not pleasant.

Still, Mike was again on schedule at 42.3 miles - he arrived at 4:40pm which means he's still going just over 4mph which is superb at this stage in these conditions.

We are now through Carlisle and out the other side on the beautiful A6 - stunning views but you know what that means - a few more dips and rises before the final checkpoint of the day. Hopefully the knowledge that the shower block in Penrith shuts at 10pm will motivate him to keep the pace going...

1 comment:

  1. Go Mike go!
    I hope tomorrow is cooler for you.
    Keep up the good running and have a well earned rest tonight.