Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Morning from Pollok...

There's lots of life aboard the bus this morning as Steve prepares for his 6am start. Mike is already up and seems to need a lot less sleep than Steve, much to Steve's amazement. He's working on a theory of tiredness not harming physical's fascinating to watch and as we head into England tomorrow, we will see if this pays off.

We have already seen that Mike seeems to be made of 'Cockbain' Steel and maybe that's a prerequisite of the race. He'll have to be to get there as today's route is down to Moffat and some 57.1 miles with 1219 metres of climb/1153 metres of descent. This will take them to 40% of the race distance covered.

6 days and only 40% done, yikes!

But then what would you expect from 'The UK's Toughest Footrace'.

More later from checkpoint one...

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  1. Great news both are up and running, keep it going,stay strong.