Monday, 25 April 2011

Loch Leven - Checkpoint 2 - Day 4

We're definitely on the most picturesque day of the 9bar JOGLE Ultra which will hopefully spur our runners on. We are at Loch Leven waiting for them to come through Checkpoint 2 at 21.2 miles.

Rory has slightly lost the plot and is currently stood in a field taking photos of a fence - it may be a peculiar photo album today as he also insisted on taking a whole album of me and my abysmal go with Steve's walking sticks!! Steve looked on in mild amusement and remarked that we must be really bored - just a little sleep-deprived I think...

Anyhow, on our way between CP1 and here we first passed Micky who had stepped the pace up and managed 3 miles in 40 minutes. He was shortly followed by Mike who has definitely slowed but is still jogging along happily.

Some distance in front was Steve who is all smiles today - fantastic! I think getting past his 2010 pick-up point has really lifted his spirits and he looks very strong indeed.

They should be approaching soon so more to follow shortly... oh dear, Rory is now photographing the road I think he needs a power nap...

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