Monday, 25 April 2011

Safe and Sound - Day 4 Finish

Steve has just arrived back at the bus in high spirits in 14:34:30. Very consistent indeed WELL DONE STEVE:-)

So no more traumas today... Mike is upstairs preparing for tomorrow and we are all happily filling our faces with sausages and mash cooked by the lovely Ann... her lunchtime wraps went down so well with Steve that we have placed a doggy bag under his pillow in case he gets the late-night munchies.

We are so so sorry to be saying goodbye to our lovely Micky today. He has been fantastic company on this event - even when the road was getting really tough he kept his smile and chipper sense of humour. To put his performance into perspective, he has run just under 200 miles in 4 days which I'm sure you will agree is a superb effort.

We are parked up at The Green Welly Stop overnight ready for another hard day out on the road down to Paisley. Hopefully you will join us again tomorrow and watch the action unfold... as it happens.

So it's a last goodnight from Micky and it's goodnight from the rest of us...


  1. Well done guys, you have both been terrific today. Get a good night's sleep and do it all again tomorrow.
    lots love,

  2. Looks like it's proving tough out there. Just keep going!! Good luck, Noel.