Monday, 25 April 2011

Good Morning from Fort William - Day 4

Well Hello there from Bonnie Scotland where you find us at the 10.9 mile point just on the way out of Fort William. Steve has already been thru and says he feels 'better than ever', as he started with Micky at 6am but Micky still has to make it to us and was walking slowly thru the middle of town as we passed him.

He needs to really dig deep as Steve said Micky
was nearly in tears as they parted company earlier. Come on Micky you can do it!

Starting at 7am, Mike still wants to head towards Inverness (what is it with Inverness and Mike?) and we will endeavour to get him a gyroscope to point him towards Tyndrum today. There are two turns only today, both left - one out of the car park and one into the Green Welly Stop. So far he has got one of them wrong! Let's hope the second goes better...

Anyway, more from the 20 mile point and news on Micky as it happens.


  1. Go on Steve. You're nailing it. We are all rooting for you. Lots of love, Lyns, Ash and Lola. Xx