Friday, 22 April 2011

Over and Out - The 7 are now 6

STOP Press...

It's been a very emotional last few miles on the '9bar JOGLE Ultra'... Mike finished in a brilliant time of 12hrs and 33mins and Torkel in 12hrs and 50mins just as Ben decided that enough was enough right on the 50 mile point near Helmsdale...

We are really sad to see Ben go and I am sure that the other runners will also be sad to lose one of their numbers so early in the trip. 'Guernsey just hasn't got the hills that we have experienced today' said a tired Ben. His poor feet got a real battering from the uneven roads it seems too.

The remaining four have just finished in a little over 14 hours and are looking forward to some warm food and a comfy bed on the bus.

Well done today boys...

Tomorrow sees Steve, Micky, Ed and Graham off at 6am and Mike and Torkel will get an extra hour in bed... and that's where we are heading right now. We hope you have enjoyed the blog and the pictures today and we will be back online in the morning.

Night, night from Brora.


  1. Well done everyone, it's been great reading the blog today. Can't wait for the next chapter . . .

  2. Well done guys, sorry to hear about Ben! Thanks Rory and Jen for blog and photo's along the way it's great to read the updates through the day! We hope Steve has enjoyed his birthday despite his leg!!

    Love to all,

    Elizabeth and Connie x

  3. Brilliant blog - really enjoying following the journey. Good luck to the survivors.