Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Boiling near Moffat...

As Steve leaves us to go back to Northampton, we continue to see out the day in boiling weather, well for Scotland anyway and it's a dizzy 16 degrees out here right now.

Mike is battling on and is starting to hit some long and arduous climbs that will become a feature of his next couple of days thru the last of Scotland and into Cumbria and the dreaded Shap.

His energy to keep running is quite remarkable each day and his only complaint at the hills is that they knock him out of stride which means he has to walk, which he doesn't seem to like.

The day here is nearly done and I am at CP4 with just 9.6 miles left on the clock today. Moffat awaits with clean clothes and more hot showers...

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  1. Mike - keep going, you are doing so well! i hope the weather is cooler tomorrow. Keep strong, everyone is willing you on. I am amazed by your energy! Keep strong and positive as each stride brings you closer to Lands End. You are amazing! bethany.