Sunday, 24 April 2011

20.2 miles - Day 3

Micky and Steve are thru checkpoint 2 and onto 30 miles whilst we wait for Mike and Torkel to come thru. Steve has been using sticks today to take some of the pressure off his right foot and a sore big toe joint.

A large knife slice into the top of his shoe will hopefully have solved that one.

More when we are onto the halway point...

Lovely day btw by the side of the Loch and no monster to report of as yet.


  1. Good afternoon all, really sorry to see that 3 of this years joglers have had to withdraw but great attempt by all 3. As for the remaining fab 4 winding their way down through Scotland, absolutely top effort guys and it wouldn't be Jogle without the odd detour, keep going, enjoy and endure chaps...

  2. The harsh winter really trashed the roads which makes running on the verge that much harder, pot holes, etc. It adds to the pressure on your right foot I know. Keep going, hopefully in the right direction...