Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ready to go - Republica

I tell you what... 450 miles is a bloody long way to drive, let alone run! And it's taken us most of the day to do it, in the comfort of our Chevrolet Captiva. In fact looking at the stats, we did in an average of 60 miles per hour, exactly what our seven runners plan to cover a day over the next 16 days... hmm...

It doesn't compute somehow and thinking about the whole 860+ miles right now must feel extremely daunting to the guys prior to starting on Friday... it's one hell of a test of human endurance.

Inverness is still a mighty long way from JOG and we still have a five hour trip to make the first of our daily stopovers and the photocall at the famous fingerpost at the start of the 9bar JOGLE Ultra. We are already safely snuggled up on our luxury sleeper bus tonight and ready for the Class of 2011 to arrive tomorrow. So goodnight from Bonnie Scotland and more tomorrow.

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