Saturday, 23 April 2011

Late Finish - and Graham Clifford is Out...

Poor Graham Clifford's hopes of getting to Lands End are over... The 100+ miles of road have blistered the balls of both feet and he feels that there is no way he can carry on with them in that condition. He's upbeat as he was determined to finish today but had already set his mind on going back home to Reading in the last 10 mile section. Micky will miss him no end I am sure...

He and Ed finished along Graham in 15hrs and 10mins but are both suffering with Anterior Compartment Syndrome, which has left both of them with swollen shins and pretty demoralised about getting to the end of tomorrow, let alone Lands End.

They will decide their own fate in the morning at 5am when we get up ready for Day 3 of this 'ULTIMATE ULTRAmarathon'.


  1. Message of support for the sufferers:
    "Pain is temporary, a DNF is forever!" Hang in there as long as you can...and then some. Never forget - this too shall pass!

  2. rock and roll team , big big ask, not many could do