Friday, 22 April 2011

40 miles - Day 1

Mike is still looking strong and stopped for only a couple of minutes before heading off again at 14:50... Torkel is now approaching at 15:25 so there is a significant lead now, although as we all know this is far too early to start placing bets... Torkel found a tearoom on route and stopped in for a cuppa:-)

2 miles down the road are Graham and Micky followed by Steve and Ben.

At the last checkpoint Steve's calf was giving him some minor agro so he was planning to go a bit steadier for the rest of today.

We now have beautiful sunshine and the scenery is breathtaking, almost enough to take the runners' minds off the road ahead, if it weren't for those cheeky hills! More later...


  1. Please tell Torkel that all his Algarve-friends are cheering for him. Wish him good luck from Johanna!