Friday, 22 April 2011

20 miles - Day 1

Mike is first again to CP 2 at 21 miles in 3hrs and 40mins... Torkel was next at 10:50hrs. A definite pairing of Micky and Graham chuckled their way into picking up supplies and Ed was closely followed in by Steve at 11:20, so with Ben here at midday it looks like its that order to half way today at least.

The tester will come later in the day as at least Graham hasn't been more than 45 miles before in one go... he has got Micky for company who has though so all is well for that pair I am sure.

Note: It was good to hear from David Miles this morning from last year's race on the phone earlier and fellow 2010 runners Neil Bryant and Mark Cockbain, he sends his best to the class of 2011.

More from halfway... and more pics are now online.

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