Saturday, 23 April 2011

47 miles - Day 2

This proved a really tough section, except for Mike and when he came thru he was three miles up on Torkel, three and a half on Steve and five miles up on the pack.

He was still running at good speed and was in great shape as he crossed over one of the long firth bridges to us at 47 miles and on to do the last 10 or so to the finish. When Torkel had got to us he had got his second wind and looked a bit more relaxed in his running and Steve was going at his ever constant 'Get to the finish this year' pace.

Unfortunately for the slower pack, the war wounds are starting to pile up. Micky has a bit of a lean from having tired  QL in his back as well as sore shins and Graham's feet are pretty well blistered - although this is not surprising as he is in a pair of dreaded Asics Gel Kayanos... (you know what I think of them) and twin layer socks (even worse). He said it's a lesson learned and we will get him sorted for tomorrow... however he is very cheerful!

Ed is also still bubbly but also has sore shins (a feature of this race, me thinks). Ref - Bryant, Miles & Cockbain 2010).

Anyway we are off to the finish to see Mike arrive... and more then.

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