Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pressing times in Preston - 9.8 miles

Mike got to us just before 10am and met up with JOGLE Blogger addict, Charlie Sharpe, who came out to meet us on his way to 'The Lakes' today. It was great to see Charlie, one of our London ULTRAracers once again and it was a good opportunity for him to experience the event first hand.

Maybe we'll see him on the start line, next year.

Mike did offer some advice to him when he arrived and now needs to keep his present speed thru the warm part of the day ahead...

More at midday?


  1. Hi Mike,
    yesterdays effort will go down in future JOGLE legend - a top, top effort.
    Today is a new day and I know you will be able to dig in and get through it yet again. We are all watching and rooting for you, stay in there.
    Steve, Elizabeth & Connie

  2. Don't know how you managed to get up this morning and back out on the road. Talk about grit and determination. Hope that it's not too hot today. Good luck.

    Neil Bryant's Mum & Dad

  3. Hi Mike,what a fantastic effort yesterday, just keep going mate, you have what it takes to get there, dig deep, thinking of you. Micky

  4. Incredible effort Mike, it's very inspiring to watch. It's windy where you are today but I hope you battle on and stay strong, I'll try to catch up with you sometime today. I came over last night but you didn’t look like you needed any interruptions. We're all willing you on and thinking about you on your journey.

  5. An outstanding effort so far - getting yourself going each day takes a huge amount of determination and courage - you have that by the bucket load.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other, take on CP at a time and you will do it. FANTASTIC :0) Mimi

  6. No update since this morning
    Really hope nothing has happened to Mike
    What's going on?

  7. Sorry all - very poor internet connection this morning made blogging impossible - we are back in the land of 3G now:-)