Saturday, 23 April 2011

35 miles - Day 2

We are now overlooking Invergordon at Checkpoint 3 of the day and Mike steamed through 20 minutes ahead of the pack looking very strong.

Torkel was next to arrive - he seems to be in some discomfort with his hip. Still, he jogged away settling back into his pace comfortably. Steve wasn’t far behind looking strong and requesting birthday cake at the final checkpoint of the day – all of their appetites have increased tenfold already.

Not far behind Steve were Micky, Graham and Ed. They are working really well together.

It's turned a bit chilly up here although the forecast of torrential rain was thankfully as accurate as ever with only a few spots of rain... we’re all looking forward to a hot shower and a large bowl of Chilli for dinner!

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  1. You could try feeding Torkel pancakes, it normally works.