Tuesday, 26 April 2011

15 Miles - and all is well

On a beautiful crisp morning in Scotland, the sun has broken thru and we have a bit of a boiler on our hands later at some 21 degress already (according to the car it's a bit of a heatwave for these parts and Steve and Mike might well feel it today).

The drop down towards us along Loch Lomond, Steve said was very tough indeed and he now faces the task of keeping himself focussed as he goes on to attack the rest of Scotland over the next few days.

Mike is still strong, altough we did see him walking today for the first time as he caught Steve up and then continued with him for a joint effort and a chat to pass the hours and miles.

It will be interesting to see if they become more dependent on each other as the days go on... let's hope the curse of the Anterior Compartment Syndrome keeps well away today.

More from their lunchstop at 28 miles...

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