Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day 3 - Ed bows out

Morning from the road in Beauly and as we thought last night, Ed has decided enough is enough today and the 5 are now 4. His ankle has swollen up overnight and is very painful this morning and there is no way he can make 54 miles today. It's a real shame as he is such a super guy...

Steve and Micky have just set off - Torkel and Mike will leave an hour later at 7am. Steve set off with a pair of walking sticks in hand but most happy as he is now back on Chocolate after Lent. Micky looks like he has lost his horse and is a little John Wayne as they walked away into the sunrise.

Mike says he is a 'little stiff but still able to squat', whatever that means:-) but it sounds like he still has some left in the tank.

A nice day beckons and we are looking forward to seeing the Loch Ness Monster later on... now that would be news.


  1. Happy Easter everyone! Im glad to see the Easter bunny visited the wonder steve looks in his element. I did wonder if all this Jogle stuff was sending him potty when he told me he saw the Easter bunny zooming by on a motorbike on day 1..perhaps he was right after all?!
    Connie hopes her daddy will enjoy his Easter egg if he hasn't already !

    Hope everyone has a good day !

    Love to all,
    Elizabeth, Connie and the Norfolk Clan xxxx

  2. We follow you guys from our trainingcamp in Bergamo. You are awsome!!! Run well and have a relly nice third day!!
    Greatings from Carina, Marie, Susanne, Kattis, Martin, Micke K, Fredrik, Anders och Micke D