Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back on the Road - Day 5

Steve has just set off on this 57.7 mile stretch of the 9bar JOGLE Ultra. Not as much climb today but 2.6 miles longer so another long day out on the roads lies ahead. He is still managing the bus stairs with relative ease which is quite remarkable given he has now covered over 230 miles.

It's Rory's turn to have a lie-in this morning. I came downstairs to find Mike already up and eating breakfast - he woke up at 04:30 this morning - let's hope he doesn't do any sleepwalking through Paisley else it could be another extended day...

Micky is decidedly stiff this morning which has confirmed he made the right decision yesterday - he's leaving us this morning:-(

Mike will be leaving at 7am then it's off to CP1 which, by request, will be around 15 miles today.

More later...

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