Friday, 29 April 2011

Lancaster and still 8 to go...

It's cold, dark and lonely out there for poor old Mike tonight and there is still a good 8 miles to go. A pre-midnight finish now looks uncertain and its very, very windy as the day is drawing to an end.

At the finish, we have been joined by Colin Fitzjohn, one of last year's runners who knows first-hand just how hard this day of the event is.

So all we can do is wait for Mike to make it to the end of today and the warmth of the Sleeper Coach.

More when he gets here...


  1. Come on Mike, hang in there. There's not too many comments today but there's lots of people closely following you. We're willing you to succeed and get to the end.

    Neil Bryant's mum and dad.

  2. Hi Mike, this is Steve Gordon daughter from America.. Keep going, youve done amazing. I know you were running with my dad and helped him when he needed it. Keep going strong dude! Were routing for you :)

  3. Mike - This event truly takes a herculean effort. They say that the Barkley eats its young, well the JOGLE is the UK equivalent. It must be lonely struggling on in the dark but dig deep, cause my good friend Dave Miles is going to run with you tomorrow.