Friday, 22 April 2011

10 miles - Day 1

We are waiting at the first checkpoint for the runners. Much as we thought, there was a sprint for the front and when we passed them at 7 miles, Mike was out in front followed by Torkel with the pack following.

Steve and Ben are at the rear covering the distance right on pace. Obviously Steve learned a lot last year!
We have also just found out that Steve is 42 today, so we will have a birthday celebration over a glass of orange juice on the bus tonight..


  1. Happy Birthday Steve, it's certainly a momentous one for you! Don't worry, your cake will be waiting for you when you get home.
    Lots love,
    Mum and Pops,

  2. Happy birthday dad.. Enjoy your day. Hope you have a nice peaceful run :)

  3. Steve - After completing the JOGLE you'll need to eat your Mums whole birthday cake to build your weight back up!!!