Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Morning from Scotland - 12 miles

Well here here are back online and on the road at 12 miles already. We had Steve's 42nd Birthday last night to celebrate on the bus and even had a Scottish Birthday cake for him. It was then bed by ten for most before a night of wandering around for some of the more insomniac runners. We found this last year that it takes a few nights to settle in and in a few days they will be instantly be asleep as their heads touch the pillows... we hope.

This morning, it took a few calls to get them up and there were a couple of 6am starts at 6.05 for Steve and 6.15 for the Three Amigos of Graham, Micky and Ed before the lead pair of Mike and Torkel at 7am.

Mike was the strongest out of the blocks and had already built a 25 metre lead in the car park where we were parked last night... he went off like a 5k runner.

Here at the first stop of the day at 12 miles, Steve was thru first quickly followed by the Three Amigos. Mike came in and overtook whilst they restocked and Torkel came in saying that he was going to run with the pack for some company today.

All seemed in good spirits and there are a few blisters and aches here and there only to speak of so far... we are off to the 22 mile point now... and more then.

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