Monday, 25 April 2011

Over and Out for Micky :-(

At 196.4 miles it's over and out for Micky Sutton - The mind says 'Yes, bring it on' but the shins say 'No Bloody Way!'. I must say there was a tear in my eye as I went back to walk in the last 200 metres with the pocket rocket...

He was very chipper about his achievements to even get back on the road today and said, 'It's been an amazing experience and if you are an ULTRA-runner it's something you have to try and achieve at least once'.

We are just so sad to see him go as he is a tremendous asset to the event and is always so positive in his approach to life.

More from halfway and Glencoe...


  1. Great effort Micky. Very impressive stuff. Be proud You have seriously achieved. Enjoy the rest.

  2. An amazing achievement, great going and as has already been said be proud of yourself. Recover well.

  3. I think you've earned a pint Micky, good job lent is over.

  4. Well done Micky! Hope your shins recover pronto! x