Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Muscle Fatigue at 11 miles...

Both guys were showing signs of muscle fatigue this morning at CP1. Steve's calf strain has returned and has only walked as far as us this morning and says that he can't run on it at all. Mike has taken some time today to warm up his quads that took a good battering yesterday.

They are both covering the miles at 4mph...

On a really hot day already, we are concerned about how they are going to cope with the day ahead.


  1. Just keep moving, and keep the cp's re
    ally short. It all adds up. Just think that every minute you rest on the road is one minute less on the coach getting proper rest. You're both doing amazingly! Totally indpirational.

  2. Neil's right - we are all in awe of you guys. You are both amazing and have tremendous strength and spirit. You have come so far already and look fantastic in the pics Rory posts. Keep going!