Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ten to go...

Neil and Dave are thru the last checkpoint and on their way to today's finish.

Mark is just behind we hope and it will be an early bath for the team tonight!

Location:Varley Ln,Liskeard,United Kingdom


  1. I don't want to jinx it or anything, but I would say they are home and dry! My god, how incredible is that? When I saw them on Saturday in such pain, I would never have believed it. I am awestruck. Go guys!


  2. Guys you rock, all 3 of you. I knew Mark was a running machine with a huge appetite for the challenge, but all 3 of you have left me in complete awe for the past week. How you do it day after day I do not know. It is a challenge beyond belief and I can not possible appreciate just how hard it as been for you all but the tougher the journey, the greater the reward. May the memories of this challenge stay with you forever (and when the injuries heal, may it turn into a very fond one).

    Take care on your last few days guys,

    The Mortimers of Mortimer

    P.S Mark, I am so looking forward to hearing about this one chap - Paul