Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Back on English soil and looking good on a bright morning on the way towards Bristol and the turn for home.

Home turf for Neil...nice one...


Location:Aust,United Kingdom


  1. Well done Guys, keep up the good work.

  2. On home soil and nearer to the end keep it up lads you are so close you should be able to smell the sea.
    Jeanette xx

  3. Yay, back in Brizzle. :)

    Great stuff everyone, amazing!

  4. Very excited - just got to see Neil. So brilliant of him, he actually stopped outside my work! I ran to him though, think he needed the break. Neil's Mum and Dad if you read this, he's good. A little tired perhaps but staying strong. We're going to follow them a little later to Taunton.

    The others were just ahead so didn't get to meet them but hopefully will later.

    So unbelieveably proud!!

  5. Brilliant, thanks for that Christine. I'm glad some of his friends could get to see him today. There seems to be a lack of blogging today to know how they're all getting on. I'm sure seeing you would have given him a big boost. Great effort the three of you. Nearly there now so just hang in. See you very soon.