Saturday, 15 May 2010

Final Countdown

And the last ten miles are underway and it's a great sunny day for the Three Amigos as they head for the Mecca of Lands End.

We are off there now to prepare for their arrival...

It's going to be emotional!



  1. We ha ve followed them for three days and when you drive over the days route for the day you realise what an incredible feat they have achieved. It's totally unbelievable. Neil Mark aaveSave are an amazing team and absolutely incredible. Off to the finish now to see them in. Loads of love and pride. Neil's mum and dad.

  2. After 16 days and over 868 miles today you three stand on the shoulders of giants. We who fell by the wayside salute you in your magnificence. Well done boys on winning your personal battles and now you can savour those last few miles as the pain fades to be replaced by emotions and pride.
    Love you guys

  3. These 3 lads are amazing, what they are about to achieve is only a dream for most ultra runners. They must have been through so much in the last two weeks.Enjoy the moment, you have earned the respect of so many people, thank you for showing what can be done if you really what to do it. You have my total respect. Thanks Rory,Jen and crew for coverage. Micky