Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Getting dark

Nearly time for the runners to get their headtorches on as they head for the forty-nine mile point.

Lovely day for the guys weatherwise...next report when they get to us here...


Location:East Brent,United Kingdom


  1. Glad to hear the guys are pushing on!

    Please can you let Neil know that there were several people who tried to find him today and didn't because of the lag in times and lack of location information but we were out there trying and were disappointed not to have been able to cheer him on personally.

    We are cheering from internet-land and continue to be amazed and inspired by his courage and tenacity! You're rocking it, Neil!


  2. Hey JJ, if it's any consolation I got to see him earlier. He's been reading (and enjoying) all the comments and knows there are lots of people behind him. I totally agree - amazing and inspirational!!! I think we all knew he had it in him but I'm still astounded by the whole thing.


  3. Hiya Bloggers...we are posting from the road but the 3G has been rubbish for the last 24hrs. It's been better tonight and the photos are now up!!!


  4. Thanks Christine, it's great to know that Neil saw some familiar faces yesterday, with more to look forward to today.

    You're quite right, we always knew Neil was a determined nutter! LOL It's mesmerising watching it unfold.

    And I'm sure we all appreciate the signal problem, Rory. Thank you for being our link between here and there on this incredible journey.