Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Last checkpoint and the guys are battered but not broken. Dave's foot really is hurting to distraction and Cockbain is astonished at the Devonian hills...

Less than 10 to go to Bow...


  1. Really good to see the three of you this evening. I know that you were suffering but was amazed at the steady pace you were keeping as you attacked the hills between Bickleigh and Crediton.

    Looking good Neil. See you all tomorrow somewhere along the way. Only two heavy days left to go.

    Love from Neil's Mum xx

  2. Keep going lads.
    Great stuff!
    Dave - hopefully the blister will heal a bit tonight. Remember pain is temporary, pride is forever, and I am so proud of you.

    You are so close - 2 more days then R&R!
    Love Bethany.

  3. Well done guys - another tough day under your belt. Rest and recover well tonight and hit tomorrow with a positive approach. Nearly there!

  4. What time did they make it in last night in the end?

    Hope everyone is safely off this morning, ready for another day closer to the Cornish sea air.