Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cross that Bridge

As the guys leave Wales for the last time...it's nearly time for them to relive the Old Severn Bridge Crossing they did last August.

Slower this time but much more meaningful...

Raining here now so that adds a new dimension...

More in a while from the crossing...




  1. Fantastic, on home ground now Neil. Hope the leg disease hasn't spread to you yet, although I should think your legs are pretty ragged anyway. I just can't believe it, the three of you are quite incredible, how you run the distance every day with so little sleep is unbelieveable.

    Hope the going is not too wet or too hot. You can tell you're getting into the Westcountry as it's raining!

    Very, very, very proud of you Neil.

    Good luck today.

    Neil's Mum xx

  2. Brilliant lads. There's no doubt now.
    We can't wait to see the iconic Severn bridge pics.
    Rob T & J