Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nearly at thirty-three

On a boiling day now in CORNWALL we are waiting for the guys to climb and descend some vicious hills before they get here.

They're not actually that far apart and Lostwithiel is looking good for later on.

Location:Callington,United Kingdom


  1. Lads – Tremendous endeavours, which will culminate this Saturday.

    On Saturday you will see that 15 long hard days have finally come together. What you wished over those arduous days will finally come to be.

    What started as a dream in John O Groats of almost impossible magnitude, you’ve made a reality.

    You looked beyond your horizons to discover who you are, what you want, and what you can do.

    You will look back and laugh at 868 miles that have passed and you will ask yourself,
    "How did I get through all of that?"

    You weren’t afraid to dream big and follow your dreams the length of the UK to Lands End.

    You weren’t afraid to take risks, to make commitment and do whatever it takes to make your JOGLE dreams come true.

    You believed in you, and more importantly you believed in miracles, and completing the 9Bar JOGLE on Saturday will truly be a miracle, which many may attempt, yet only a few will ever complete.

    Rory – A couple of fitting songs to play at Lands End:- Heather Small – ‘Proud’ and Love Inc – ‘You’re a Superstar’ (ULTRA). The latter one is my favourite anthem, which the boys will love.

    Dave – It was a pleasure and an honour to train with you.

    Mark – You’re a true ultra runner terminator.

    Neil – You’ve been nothing short of legendary over the entire event.

    In all three of you of aquired life long friends.

    Rob T (aka the big man) I only wish I could cheer you inspirational ground-breaking ultrarunner trailblazers into Lands’ End

  2. Just keep thinking about the finish and how proud we all are of you. Lands End is not far away now. Keep going.
    Love Bethany.

  3. Welcome to sunny Cornwall!!! Well done guys you are amazing! Hopefully will track you down this evening somewhere on the road to give you some support.

  4. I think Rob said it all. Awesome guys. Becky's great at massage should you need one!!! (don't tell her I told you!!)