Thursday, 13 May 2010

Eleven done...

They are amazing...just when you think they are done in, they run like hell.

Better day all it!



  1. Brilliant, how do they do it?!!! I saw them last night making way over the hills near Crediton as the sun was setting knowing that they had to run the miles I was covering easily in the car. They must be made of steel. Weathered and sunburnt on they go, the running men.

    Great they've reached Okehampton and onwards along the edge of wonderful Dartmoor to Tavistock. The weather is good and we will see them later in the day.

    Really well done Neil, Dave and Mark. I'm running out of superlatives now, good job there are only two days left.

    Extremely pround of you Neil.

    Love, Neil's Mum xxx

  2. Go Neil Go!!!!

    Loads of love, Mum xxx

  3. Great running boys - not far to go now and I'm sure you will have loads of people at the finish to cheer you over the finish line - it will reduce you to tears!

    Keep going


  4. Wow! You're SO close now. Keep it going, stay strong (in mind most importantly). Neil is was brilliant to see you on Tuesday and to meet everyone. Emotional seeing you start off again. I and so many are right behind you, I only wish I could be there to see you finish. I imagine the relief will be astounding and overwhelming. This is an achievement like I've never known and seeing as you are the one doing it I hope you are brimming with pride, because the rest of us are.

    Soon! It will be done soon! xx

  5. I have no words that I haven't said already so I'm just going to agree with what's been said above.

    Simply amazing!