Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mums the word

Neil's Mum Jen said she was worried at Neil doing this event but here at the thirty three mile point she is very proud indeed of her boy.

'He was always good at sport at school and did well at everything he ever did'. She adds that his diet today us not like his usual strict low fat one!

Location:Callington,United Kingdom


  1. Oh that's so lovely! I bet that is one of the biggest boosts Neil could possibly have today, seeing his Mum. Jen I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting you but Neil has only every spoken of you with the highest regard so I know how pleased he will have been to see you. We have one of your pictures that Neil gave me for a birthday present a few years back hanging in our flat - very talented lady!


  2. Aww, nothing like Mum being proud of you to spur you on!

    Glad Mrs B had a chance to see Neil today.

    Did Dave's wife and son make it yesterday to give him a much needed boost too? I hope his blister is not so bad today although I suspect it probably is.

    And not forgetting Mark! I hope he's not doing too bad today either?

    You're all rocking on!