Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Good morning!!!

Onwards, upwards, time to get the show on the road this morning...

Inmates looking perky this morning. New shoes and socks for of getting anaesthetic strength drugs prominent!

Location:Allington Close,Taunton,United Kingdom


  1. Hard to believe you've all managed to get this far, you surely must be super-human?!

    Neil - Nett asked me to tell you that ironicially, for her birthday yesterday, her bloke's step-mum bought her your mum's book! Apparently it's excellent too. :)

    She's looking forward to having you back at work in one piece Monday and giving you a hug or 10 and a big pat on the back.

    Hope you all have a great day today!

  2. A beautiful start to the day. Not such a long one today, only 51 miles!!!! Well it's all relative isn't it.

    Hope all goes well today, just don't think about legs, hips or feet. You all seem to have got the right mental attitude. Neil told uswhen he first told us he was doing this that the main battle would be in the head not the body, other than injury, and the three of you seem to be extremely strong mentally.

    We'll be watching as usual today. Keep going and it's now within your grasp. Very, very well done.

    Lots of love, Neil's Mum xx

  3. Message to JJ

    Thanks to Nett's bloke's step mum for buying my book!

    Neil's Mum xx

  4. Go on lads! All just getting better from now on!