Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Right on time

The guys turned up smack on time...Mark now suffering from the afternoon pace. Some teamtalk saw him off down the road first heading for the finish today...

Result, Guys 3 - A38 0

Premier division stuff or what...



  1. After 1 1/2 hrs searching on the A38, finally ambushed Mark with a "Go! Mark" poster & a 5-minute chat to let him know we are supporting him. Also applauded the other two heroes as they jogged by. Tremendous achievement so far, with the finale approaching rapidly.
    Keep it up guys!
    Ken & Enid

  2. Just got home (11.53pm) after having driven to Taunton and then 25 miles along the A38 towards Bristol and back without seeing any sign of the three intrepid runners or any backup vehicles. Very frustrating as we wanted to be able to show our support. Hopefully we'll find you sometime over the next couple of days.

    Neil's mum and dad