Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Devon Hoe!

Only one county to go and things are getting real tough for out Dave. He's got a large underfoot blister now which is really making things tough for him.

Hopefully Wife Jeanette and Son Jack coming later today will give him the boost he needs right now.

Location:Old Rd,Tiverton,United Kingdom


  1. Great running boys - huge sympathies for Dave and his blister, I have no doubts that he will continue to hobble his way to the finish at Lands End - GO BOYS!!!


  2. Was nice to have a catch up last night Neil.Ive just managed to find a coffee shop in Aberythwyth to check todays updates. so glad your dad caught up with you, that must of been very uplifting! Speak soon, nearly there now, will be seeing you very soon! xxx Mum and Gran think your doing amazing!

  3. Keep up the amazing work!! Will track you down in Cornwall tomorrow to cheer you on!

  4. Well done guys, nearly there!

    Stay strong.

  5. Ouch! Painful! Ironically was it Dave this morning who said:
    " We are going through the pain threshold, but nothing great is achievable without it".
    Stick in there Dave - you'll get there.
    Good luck Dave, Neil and Mark - you're nearly there - we are all behind you!
    Much much respect

  6. Poor Dave, those buggers on the heel when walking is painful enough but on the underfoot and running? Yes, ouch indeed.

    You're all so close, you must be feeling buoyed by the knowledge you've achieved what for most would be the impossible!

    Awesome stuff, this. Puff those chests out boys, you're doing brilliant stuff here.


  7. Love to be there when you finish neil but I am in Friday getting jacked up else I would have driven down.
    You've done amazing mate; I'll see you back in brisol next week .