Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Scotland...here we come!

Well the crew at least have made Inverness in readiness for the 12 runners arriving on Thursday to take part in the race. We say 12 atm as Bethany Clague has been an injury doubt for the past week with calf muscle problems. She has had lots of tlc on the Isle of Man where she lives by most of the island's medical fraternity and from being in a wheelchair last week she is 90% back to fitness today and ready to 'race walk' the first couple of days until she is able to run again.

All of the runners are reporting some fitness issue right now as they have been tapering their mileage down to the event and it's a time mentally that any Ultra athlete can struggle in thinking that they are under prepared for the challenge ahead.

The first days 63 miles will sort out them out I am sure...

More from the bus in the morning as the runners arrive and please keep looking in for updates throughout the next 16 days...

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