Friday, 30 April 2010

8 have finished...

Here are the results so far are...

10.58 - Rob Treadwell
11.18 - Neil Bryant
11.44 - Steve Gordon
12.15 - Mike Smith
12.27 - David Miles
13.34 - Mark Cockbain
14.50 - Bethany Clague
14.59 - Colin Fitzjohn

Rob did an amazing 10hrs and 58mins to get a first stage win...Mike Smith and Mark Cockbain really felt the pain and they will be with the early start group tomorrow at 5.30am.

Jo has a poorly Plantar Fasciitis in her right foot and looked in real pain with 5 miles to go...

As the first day draws to a close with us parked up for the night in Brora...the runners now know what they have in store...


More later...


  1. Hey Mark,
    Take it steady mate and draw some strength from mother nature and her endless supply of energy (and rain).


  2. CONGRATULATIONS DAD!!! ( Steve Gordon )
    You have done so well in the 1st day and we are all so proud of you.
    Coming 3rd is an amazing achievment.
    Good luck for tomorrow, keep it up. Were all cheering you on..
    Brandon, Jemma, and baby Kent

  3. Well done Col, steady as she goes.....